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Self Introduction with names - Mable English
Self Introduction without names - Mable English

Self Introduction


jùk     drin    tthak ts’àt    zhat   danh  t’ohchuu   geenjit   shòh  ’ihłih.

now       day        all         and         here        you’re here                   for it            happy     I am                         


Mahsi’ choo zhat   danh nikwin’ił’ih

                             here       to see all of you

(shuuri’) (my name) vilzhih.

                                        I’m called


(my home town) gwatsàt t’ihch’uh.

                                   from         it is


shiti’  (father’s name) vaazhih

my father                            he’s called


Shiti’ (father’s home town) gwatsàt t’iinch’uh


(father’s mother) chan ts’àt (father’s father) kat rit        viti’     ts’àt  vahành

                                        With                                              More than one   his father             his mother


shahanh (Mother’s name) vaazhih.

my mother


(mother’s home town) gwats’àt


(Mother’s mother) chan ts’àt (mother’s father) hàa   viyuughwan t’igiinch’uh

                                                                                                        with him    Parents           they are


shitsuu (mother’s mother), (grandmother’s home town) gwats’àt t’iinch’uh,


          shitsii (mother’s father) chan ts’àt (grandfather’s home town) gwats’àt

How to teach a self introduction through immersion.
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